A Sampling of Bills Introduced for the 85th Texas Legislature: Feb. 5, 2017
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Sunday, February 05, 2017 08:35 PM

News Bite: Two bills in this installment would limit former members of the legislature or congress from serving as lobbyists, one would permit a massive expansion of the scope of practice for nurse practitioners, and one would review to determine if various state agencies should continue to be required to file lawsuits in Travis County or not. 

HB 503 – relating to the prohibition on lobbying by certain elected officers.

Election Code, is amended so that to be eligible to be a candidate for, or elected or appointed to, a public elective office in this state, a person must meet the listed criteria, to which is added not be required to be registered as a lobbyist, and prohibiting a holder of state or federal congressional or legislative member, among other requirements.

HB 504 – relating to lobbying by former members of the legislature.

Prohibiting a former member of the legislature from performing any activity that requires one to register as a lobbyist. 

HB 1407 – relating to the establishment of the emergency medical services assistance program.

Establishes the emergency medical services assistance program to provide financial and educational assistance to eligible emergency medical services providers.  The program includes grants to eligible emergency medical services providers and an educational curriculum to provide training to rural emergency medical services personnel.

HB 1415 – relating to the licensing and authority of advanced practice registered nurses.

Advanced practice registered nursing includes: ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests; formulating primary and differential medical diagnoses and advanced assessments; treating actual and potential health problems;  prescribing therapeutic and corrective measures, including nutrition and diagnostic support services, home health care, hospice care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, and delegating and assigning the performance of therapeutic and corrective measures to assistive personnel;

To the extent authorized by the board … prescribing, ordering, procuring, administering, and dispensing drugs and devices, including blood and blood products, controlled substances listed in Schedules II, III, IV, and V, dangerous drugs, and nonprescription drugs; providing referrals to health care agencies, health care providers, and community resources; serving as the primary care provider of record; and performing other acts that require education and training consistent with professional standards and that are commensurate with the advanced practice registered nurse's education, licensure, and demonstrated competencies and experience.

SB 525  – relating to a review of state laws requiring an action or proceeding to be brought in Travis County or a Travis County court.

This bill would call for a review of the laws of all state agencies to determine if statutes should be changed to allow for brining suit in other counties.

 Sources:  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/85R/billtext/html/HB00503I.htm