TBCE's President's Message: January 2017
Written by Dr. Mark Bronson   
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 06:48 PM

News Bite:  New TBCE President Mark Bronson DC, FACO offers his initial TBCE  presidential message.  He points out where we are at the moment and where chiropractic regulatory board will be heading this year.

My license certificate is proudly displayed in my clinic for all to see. I am forever grateful for the nine signatures on the document which represent the board members (and all who came before and after them) who gave their time and hard work to regulate me in this profession. Now, by appointment from Governor Greg Abbott, I have the privilege of returning the favor. The honor of serving on this board comes with great expectations and I pledge to keep our mission in clear focus. 

Our profession provides a higher quality of life for millions of people. The standards of the profession today are higher than ever in history. The standards next year will be higher than they are today. Patients deserve to be treated fairly with dignity and respect and with safe and effective methods. Ultimately, we must respect our patients’ needs and never violate the public trust. Here are a few steps toward this goal. 

Just as a patient’s overall health can be adversely affected by minor injuries or dysfunctions, our entire profession suffers when one or a few chiropractors behave unprofessionally or unethically. None the less, I have worked closely with the enforcement committee in order to learn firsthand where problems arise and corrections are needed. It grieves me to see colleagues involved in wrongdoing, but I find solace in knowing that each correction brings us a little closer to optimum health as a profession. 

We have held two stakeholder meetings this fiscal year with more planned for the coming year. Changes to our investigative and enforcement process have reduced complaint resolution time frames. By delegating administrative violation cases to agency staff and assigning priority to investigations involving higher public risk, case resolution time has been cut in half over the last year. 

In marketing to the public, it is important for licensees to accurately represent their practice without making misleading statements. Misleading advertising is the most common complaint heard by this agency and the complaints are most often filed by chiropractic colleagues. Future stakeholder meetings will include focus on drawing a clearer line between acceptable ads and those considered misleading.

One of the Sunset Advisory Commission recommendations will require fingerprint-based criminal background checks of all licensure applicants and licensees. Licensees not already fingerprinted will need to do so with the Department of Public Safety, which agency cross-references through a national database. The TBCE will be working with stakeholders to determine how to best implement this requirement. 

As portal-of-entry healthcare providers, we must be continually educated in differential diagnosis and we must be familiar with current treatment options for our patients, including procedures offered by other healthcare professionals. Opening up continuing education credits to a broader base of courses has been a topic discussed in recent stakeholder meetings. Patients expect their chiropractor to make decisions regarding appropriate care and treatment for their conditions. A broader base of continuing education credits could enhance your base of knowledge and provide opportunity to network with professionals of other disciplines. Such knowledge will enhance a patient’s informed consent and improve the referral process to and from chiropractic providers. 

The Sunset Advisory Commission has completed its review of our agency for efficiency and structure. We remain concerned, however, of proposal for consolidation under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The Sunset Advisory Commission is in the deliberation phase and scheduled to make its recommendation to the legislature, January 11, 2017. We will continue to keep you updated and informed.

Note:  The Sunset commission voted NOT to consolidate the TBCE.

Source:  http://www.tbce.state.tx.us/NewsLetter/2017/NLJan2017.pdf