The Courage to be Successful
Monday, March 06, 2017 12:00 AM

By: Dr Charles Ward

Successful people have the courage to make decisions:

A decision that goes unmade will cause problems.  An unmade decision is still just "a problem to solve."

A decision should be one that creates solutions.  A decision made is at least a step on the road to solving a problem.

Make your decisions a high priority.  Seek the solutions that you need to achieve the success that you desire.

Small decisions-small solutions. Think beyond the immediate need.  Go beyond "putting out fires", plan ways to prevent "the fire" in the first place.

Don’t wait to make decisions.  Fires have a way of spreading to other things before they can burn themselves out.

Effective decision making creates confidence and the ability for others to trust you as a leader. People can follow one who walks.  One who stands still is going nowhere.

Decisions made help to clear your mind and to relieve stress.  Putting out fires is less stressful than watching the house burn.

Techniques To Decision Making: 

1.  Write down the problem and ask yourself:
    1. Is this my decision or someone elses?
    2. What do I have to decide?
    3. When do I decide?
    4. Do I have enough information? 
2.  Make the decision
    1. Assemble the facts and information
    2. Think and listen to your innate
    3. Do not use irrational thoughts
    4. Put the solution into effect.

Develop the courage to be successful!


Coach Ward 


Dr. Charles Ward is a frequent speaker for the TCA.  His goal is to help as many Chiropractors and their teams reach their full potential.  Innate Legacy Coaching focus on the 4 Pillars of Success;   Personal Identity, Chiropractic Philosophy, Systems/Procedures that are easy to implement and Marketing.