What Does It Mean To Be Successful?
Monday, January 02, 2017 12:00 AM

By: Dr Charles Ward

Successful people accept life as it is, with all its difficulties and challenges.  They adapt to it rather than complain about it.  They accept responsibility for their own lives instead of blaming or making excuses.  They say YES to life in spite of its negative elements and make the most of it, no matter what the circumstances.

Successful people develop and maintain a positive attitude toward life.  They look for good in others and in the world, and usually seem to find it.  They see life as a series of opportunities and possibilities, and explore them.

Successful people build good relationships.  They’re sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. They’re considerate and respectful.  They have a way of bringing out the best in people.

Successful people have a sense of direction and purpose; they know where they are going.  They set goals, accomplish them and then set new goals.  They accept and enjoy challenges.

Choose Success this year.  May the road rise up to meet you!



Coach Ward 


Dr. Charles Ward is a frequent speaker for the TCA.  His goal is to help as many Chiropractors and their teams reach their full potential.  Innate Legacy Coaching focus on the 4 Pillars of Success;   Personal Identity, Chiropractic Philosophy, Systems/Procedures that are easy to implement and Marketing.