Treat Car Crash Pain Early
Written by Editor   
Tuesday, May 06, 2014 05:17 PM

"Over four million adults present to U.S. emergency departments each year after motor vehicle collisions. The great majority of these individuals are discharged to home after emergency department evaluation, but a subset of these individuals develop motor vehicle collision-related widespread pain which is characterized by substantial suffering and functional loss. We believe that this research indicates that doctors have to start treating these individuals with persistent widespread pain very early, and not wait for the pain to resolve in itself."

Widespread pain that persists a year after a motor vehicle accident actually begins within weeks of the insult and should be treated as early as possible, researchers suggest.  About 10% of individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents suffer pain that -- instead of decreasing within the first 6 weeks after the incident -- develops into nonremitting pain that may increase. 

"Determining the course of motor vehicle collision widespread pain development would advance understanding of this vexing and poorly understood disorder."