FDA Proposes Changing Labels for Sugar
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Sunday, August 23, 2015 12:00 AM

The FDA is proposing that Nutrition Facts labels also include the "% Daily Value" for added sugar.  The Daily Value, or DV, is the amount of an essential nutrient that meets the needs of most people. There are also DVs that indicate upper limits of stuff we shouldn't get too much of, like sodium and saturated fat.  If the proposal goes through, the labels will list grams of added sugar and the %DV they provide per serving.

In 2014, they proposed that Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods list the grams of added sugar in addition to the grams of total sugar, but now they're taking things a step further. The FDA is taking the recommendation of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) that added sugars not exceed 10% of total calories. Since the feds use a reference diet that contains 2,000 calories daily, that puts the DV for added sugar at about 200 calories, or 50 grams, maximum.

The comment period for the proposal ends October 13, 2015.

Look at a nutrition label now and you'll see that it just lists "sugars" under the carbohydrate heading. That's fine when the only sugar in a product is added sugar, as with soda and most hard candy. But things get more complicated when you look at foods like tomato sauce, pure fruit juice, or even plain milk and yogurt.

Check the labels on those foods and you'll also find that they have "sugar," but most of it is simple carbohydrates that are naturally present in the food -- what's generally regarded as "intrinsic" sugar. If this proposal goes forward then 100% juice will list the grams of total sugar and "0 grams" of added sugar.

Source:  http://www.medpagetoday.com/Blogs/EdibleRx/53092