Written by Chris Dalrymple, DC   
Monday, August 17, 2015 07:27 AM

D. D. Palmer incorporated his thriving, 40-bed facility on the fourth floor of the Ryan building as the Palmer School of Magnetic Cure in the summer of 1896, where he also trained a few individuals in the new healing art of chiropractic, although never more than three at a time.

Willard Carver "although having no practical contact with patients, had decided to announce a system of healing...the system of Relatolity...a system involving some form of manipulation, massage and psychology ...."  January 1, 1896, was the date planned by Willard Carver to announce a new system of healing to the world – the system of “Relatolity."  

 D. D. Palmer writes "Medicines and medical doctors are necessary; we cannot get along without them”,  but he neglected to specify when he thought medication might be appropriate.

Palmer minced no words in condemning what he thought were primitive and hazardous methods. He also writes:

For many years there has been growing in the public mind a suspicion that medicine is not a science, but that it is most experimental guess-work.

This ancient system of poisoning the sick has a lawful right to fill our poor-houses, Keeley institutes, and asylums with their poisoned victims. They are dosed with stimulants, sedatives, and narcotics until they must continue their use, even to self-destruction. These misguided unfortunates, half-living witnesses of medical incompetency, can be seen everywhere. Wasting diseases and premature deaths grow more frequent, in open defiance of medical skill (?) The simplest forms of fevers invade the family circle and leave death and desolation, as they did two thousand years ago, when the science (?) of medicine was in its infancy.

It is no wonder that the sick leave the regular medical fraternity and go to the "quacks" for relief.


Drug doctors wish to keep people in ignorance by giving prescriptions written in Latin instead of plain English. Oftentimes, if you knew what the prescription called for, you would not so willingly shut your eyes , open your mouth, swallow whatever the doctor prescribed, and take the fearful consequences. Why not stop taking such deadly poisons and resort to natural methods? Is there any reason for poisoning a person because he or she is sick? People everywhere are tired of being drugged.

People have been led to believe that all medical laws were made for the "protection of the public against quacks." But the facts are, that these laws are usually framed by professional quacks for their own protection. These laws decide what school of doctors you shall employ. A diploma from one of these favored schools will protect any opium or whisky-soaked quack of that profession to poison and butcher unmolested...

Source:  http://www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=17943