Written by Chris Dalrymple, DC   
Sunday, August 16, 2015 11:32 PM

September 18, 1895 – D. D. Palmer successfully adjusted the spine of Harvey Lillard.  Palmer was 50 years old.

B. J. Palmer is 13 years old.  He drops out of school.

September 24, 1895 – D. D. Palmer writes Willard Carver describing the first adjustment in detail.  The letter is lost to history.

Late Fall 1895 – D. D. Palmer has developed four methods of adjusting the vertebrae of the spine.

December 10, 1895 – Willard Carver began the study of chiropractic.  He claims to be the “developer of the scientific aspects of chiropractic while defending and upholding D. D. Palmer’s claim of being its discoverer."

Dr. Russell Pleasant Harris was born in Butler County, Kansas, December 22, 1895.  He is a future Keeler Plaque recipient.