There’s a Law (Proposal) for That
Thursday, February 12, 2015 04:17 PM

Some of the myriad laws proposed thus far during the 84th Texas Legislature include some interesting changes that might be of interest to some.

84(R) HB 126, relating to parking placards for vehicles of persons with disabilities, has been referred to the Transportation Committee.

84(R) HB 868 titled the “Teacher’s Protection Act” is described as an act relating to a defense to prosecution for and civil liability of an educator who uses force or deadly force to protect the educator’s person, students of the school, or property of the school, and suspension of a student who assaults an employee of a school.  

84(R) HB 892 titled “Texas Compassionate-use Act” is described as an act relating to the medical use of low-THC cannabis and the regulation of related organizations and individuals; requiring a dispensing organization to obtain a license to dispense low-THC cannabis and any employee of a dispensing organization to obtain a registration; authorizing fees.  Its Senate companion bill is 84(R) SB 339.

84(R) S.B. No. 18 is described as an act relating to measures to support or enhance graduate medical education in this state, including the transfer of assets following the dissolution of the Texas Medical Liability Insurance Underwriting Association.  It would establish a “trust” to appropriate monies "only to fund the programs created under this chapter and any other programs designed to support or enhance graduate medical education in this state.”  The state would also establish the "critical shortage physician grant program to provide grants to teaching hospitals for graduate medical residency training programs to increase the number of physicians in the medical specialties and subspecialties that are determined by the board to be at a critical shortage level in this state."

84(R) S.B. No. 342 is described as an act relating to providing for the open and concealed carrying of handguns without a license and to related offenses and penalties.

84(R) SB 340  is an act relating to prohibiting the use of photographic traffic signal enforcement systems, to ensure that "No traffic complaint, notice of violation, or other form of civil or criminal charge or citation shall be issued or filed in any court of this state for an alleged violation of this title or of any other state, county, or municipal law relating to the operation of a motor vehicle if the alleged violation was detected through the use of a photographic traffic signal enforcement system."

84(R) SB 334 is an act relating to the rules of the road regarding red signals at certain traffic control signals. It seeks to allow "An operator of a vehicle facing only a steady red signal at a traffic-actuated electric traffic-control signal, as described by Section 544.0075, may proceed if the traffic-actuated electric traffic-control signal fails to register the vehicle within a reasonable period of time. The right to proceed is subject to the rules applicable after stopping at a stop sign." 

84(R) HB 956, an act relating to the scope of a health care liability claim, would state "In a cause of action in which a party seeks recovery of damages related to injury to another person who is a patient, or other harm to the patient, "claimant" includes both the patient and the party seeking recovery."

84(R) HB 1116, an act relating to the liability of certain social workers who provide volunteer health care services to charitable organizations.  It would define  “volunteer health care provider” to "mean an individual who voluntarily provides health care services without compensation or expectation of compensation" and who is: licensed to practice medicine, a retired physician, a physician’s assistant, various kinds of nurse, a pharmacist, a podiatrist, a dentist, a dental hygienist, an optometrist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapists, an audiologist, a licensed social worker and their various assistants.  Chiropractic is not mentioned.

Of course there are MANY more, and will be many more laws proposed during the 84th Legislative Session.  We encourage you to check out and find bills that are of interest to you.