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TBCE Announces Disciplinary Actions
Written by Chris Dalrymple, DC   
Monday, September 24, 2018 04:09 PM

In their September 2018 issue of their newsletter, the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) reported that they had revoked four chiropractic licenses.  Two were revoked for felony convictions and two were revoked due to default on contested case hearings–one regarding failure to comply with a previous board order and one regarding sexual misconduct.

TBCE issued five cease and desist orders, four for practicing chiropractic without a license and one to cease and desist from using acupuncture until in full compliance with rule 78.14, which disciplinary action also included a two-year probated suspense, administrative fine of $3000, requirement to pass jurisprudence exam, and complete an office audit with the entire staff, for failure to use proper diligence, practicing outside scope of practice and failing to maintain patient records. 

Of the remaining two cease and desist orders one also carried an administrative fine of $1000 for failure to renew license and practicing without a license, and a second also carried a $1000 for practicing without a license.

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners Update
Written by Chris Dalrymple, DC   
Monday, September 24, 2018 04:01 PM

Within the next several months, the TBCE reports that they will be launching a new database for licensees that will allow them to access a profile of their license expiration date, continuing education, and more.  We'll share more information as it becomes available.

The TBCE recognized Board members Dr. Karen Campion, Kenya Woodruff, and Dr. Amy Gonzales at the August TBCE meeting for their dedicated and longtime service to the board and state of Texas.

A Chiropractic Solution for the Opioids Epidemic
Written by Craig Benton, DC   
Friday, September 21, 2018 01:54 PM

The Texas Chiropractic Association has a huge fight on its hands and lives are at stake in this fight. It’s a fight against the opioid crisis occurring in Texas and across the country. An estimate from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported 49,068 deaths involving opioids in 2017. That means, on average, more than 130 people die each day in the U.S. due to opioid abuse and overdose. Chiropractic care is part of the solution to the opioid crisis and millions of Americans are counting on us. 

I recently had the honor to represent this profession before the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the Texas House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse. At these hearings, most witnesses testified about potential treatments for opioid addiction. While this is noble work, we must get out in front of this epidemic and divert people from being prescribed opioids in the first place. This is where chiropractic can shine. Sadly, despite current research in pain management being on chiropractic’s side, it seems many still don’t see us as part of the solution. 

Hospitals and Their Captive Insurance Companies Making Millions
Written by Editor   
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 03:35 PM

While hospitals seek to maintain an image of service and trust, many are investing large sums in the Cayman Islands and illegally profiting.  For example, three prominent New York City hospitals continue to make about $64 million this year off a revamped version of an insurance maneuver that New York regulators last year characterized as a hidden scheme to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars back to the hospitals.

New York's state Department of Financial Services, or DFS, found that the professional liability insurer Hospitals Insurance Co. illegally kept secret the fact that its offshore captive insurance company soaked up more than $160 million in premium payments that yielded more than $200 million in investment income over a two-decade period, all while avoiding domestic regulation.

Despite the violations, which came to light in 2017,  the latest financial filings indicate the hospitals have kept a version of the operation running.  The hospitals involved obtain supplemental medical malpractice insurance through the state of New York. But they effectively devised a way to convert that coverage into cash through a series of reinsurance transactions that funneled the money to their Cayman Islands-based captive insurance company at the heart of the scheme. They used the money to obtain cheaper insurance and pay dividends, according to the settlement agreement.

TBCE Proposes Amendment to Change of Address Notifications
Written by Editor   
Monday, September 10, 2018 11:23 AM

The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Board) proposes amendments to 22 TAC §75.1 (Notification and Change of Address) to clarify contact information a licensee provides to the Board, and to make the deadlines for submitting changes to that contact information uniform. 

If adopted as proposed, the new rule would read:

§75.1.Notification of Change of Address, Electronic Mail Address, and Telephone Number.

(a) A licensee shall maintain a current physical home and business address with the Board. Additional mailing addresses may be providedA licensee shall notify the Board in writing of a change within 30 days. The notification shall clearly identify the licensee, the address to be changed, the license number.

(b) A licensee shall maintain a current telephone number with the Board. A licensee shall notify the Board in writing of a change within 30 days. The notification must identify the licensee and include the license number.

(c) A licensee shall maintain a current electronic mail address with the Board. A licensee shall notify the Board in writing of change of electronic mail address within 30 days. The notification must identify the licensee and include the license number.

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