Understanding the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)
Thursday, January 15, 2015 03:57 PM

It has been eleven years since all major, national chiropractic associations signed two separate proclamations under the title, "Pledge of National Public Relations Unity."

The first document proclaimed that all associations put a stop to individual and unsuccessful public relations campaigns and support one comprehensive campaign. The second document indicated that the F4CP would retain a reputable public relations agency and provide them the authority to implement an effective program without interference.

Included within the signed proclamations was the following:

"THEREFORE, we solemnly declare and resolve that: We have one unified message: to get the general public to 'go see a chiropractor.' We agree to not start any public relations effort on our own."

Representatives of the following groups: ICA, ACA, COCSA, ACC, FCER, NBCE, FCLB and a number of colleges, signed the proclamations.

The public relations program acting under the F4CP, established by Kent Greenawalt, received the endorsement of the united group to pursue the established collective goal. 

While the F4CP had its big debut in 2003, it didn't get much attention until 2006 after retaining the services of CPR Communications. That agency initiated a monthly campaign that included the distribution of press releases, print advertorials, public service announcements, social syndications and advertisements. As a result, for the past two years, the F4CP has distributed and tracked over 31 billion media impressions about chiropractic care and increased its monthly contributors to over 5,000 individuals. This impressive activity directly supported increased patient education, but it was not until this year that the campaign had the ability to increase market share - which, is being achieved through the new F4CP aggressive ad collection and D.C. Directory.  Over 20 new ads were recently developed with the support of ChiroTouch, Dynamic Chiropractic and F4CP, and introduced to the profession in late August. Within the ads is a link to the F4CP D.C. Nationwide Directory which connects patients to local doctors. 

The F4CP recently announced the enrollment of its first Group Member: Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC). Group Members are included within a premier class of support and entitled to added benefits. Unique to this grouping, members receive permission to present qualified stakeholders with access to F4CP member benefits, including use of all marketing material, a listing within the nationwide directory, access to practice-building webinars and tool kits, and much more.

Group Membership is available to associations that commit to an annual F4CP contribution in the amount of $10 per qualified stakeholder. Doctors who practice full-time and pay full dues to the association are considered qualified stakeholders. If an association offers a discounted rate to full-time practicing doctors in their first three years of practice, the F4CP includes those stakeholders at no cost.

Added Perk: All listings included within the D.C. Directory of new stakeholders enlisted through a Group Member include the group’s logo (hyperlinked) with the following text, "If you want to learn more about the association in your state, click here."

Each month, the F4CP rolls out new press releases, public service announcements, print advertorials and more - most, which include a link to the D.C. Directory. Please review recent productions below.

Proper Posture PSA

Headache PSA

 Coming soon! The F4CP has recently filmed the TV PSAs listed below and expects to debut the new spots soon. Benefits of Chiropractic for Golfers

  • D.C.s Offer Tips to Prevent Dehydration

  • Chiropractic Care Benefits Youth Athletes

  • Chiropractic Care Supports Surgery Avoidance

The F4CP continues to promote its new campaign, Recommend One, which encourages the profession to recruit chiropractic college students. As you will recall, the survey by Chiropractic Economics demonstrated that 60 percent of the chiropractic profession had referred a patient, student or other at one time, while 40 percent had done so this year.

The campaign attempts to close this gap by recognizing the doctors who are successful recruiters and providing others with the tools needed to become successful. One of the tools is a standard colored poster for the chiropractic office. The poster details the many benefits of a chiropractic career and provides a link to the ACC website for more information. View the poster here.

Since 2003, Foot Levelers has been a premier supporter of the F4CP. Today, the corporation is recognized as a million-dollar sponsor and, additionally, covers all overhead expenses of the F4CP. These generous donations have helped to fuel the national positive press campaign and generate success for the chiropractic profession.

DID YOU KNOW that as an F4CP contributor you receive access to all published F4CP white papers pertaining to the cost-effectiveness and clinical efficacy of chiropractic care? These papers are used to communicate the value of chiropractic to employers, top healthcare professionals and other influential figures. Each paper has been distributed to media outlets nationwide and has received substantial coverage. 

Source:  http://www.f4cp.com/hosted/e-newsletter/2014/october/index.html#b?utm_source=Non-Member+Newsletter+-+November+2014&utm_campaign=OCT+14+Newsletter-+Prospects&utm_medium=email