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Wednesday, December 10, 2014 02:02 PM

The movie Doctored is being edited into a completely new movie to be called Undoctored. We’re going to re-edit Doctored into a new film that we’re calling Undoctored. "We’ll get rid of everything that isn’t chiropractic, shoot new footage, add footage from the 100’s of hours we have and make the film that the profession really wanted us to make. Shorter, chiropractic-centric, and riveting. Plus, we’ll include a lot more of the profession, people that deserve some spotlightBut most importantly:  Once it is done, we’re going to give it away for free the producers report. 

George McAndrews, the Attorney that took on the AMA on behalf of the chiropractic profession in the Wilk case has sent a letter of support for the project and a sizable donation to make this new chiropractic-centric film.  The Wilk case found that the American Medical Association was guilty of antitrust violations in trying to eliminate an entire profession.  Refused consideration by the US Supreme Court the AMA was guilty of violating antitrust laws when it unlawfully sought to eliminate the chiropractic profession.

Says the producer of the film "For my younger chiropractic friends the Wilk case is just a brief history lesson covered in a class in Chiropractic College. For my friends my age and older, it is a painful but receding personal memory.  But either way, it’s mostly a forgotten memory of chiropractors, and it never even approached entering the public’s awareness."

"Do you remember?

  • They paid off “Dear Abby” to slander chiropractic.
  • They wouldn’t let a member of the AMA even be on the same bowling team as a chiropractor.
  • They blocked access to hospitals and medical tests.
  • They purposely associated the word “quack” to chiropractic.
  • They blocked access to state sponsored schools and they prohibited MDs from teaching in chiropractic colleges.
  • They planned and supported dividing the chiropractic profession, turning it against itself. (It’s a fact, supported by documents from the case. Please tell me you’re not a part of this!)"
"Then they lied about doing it, denied it, denied it, and denied it, right up until the very minute that George McAndrews exposed them by delivering documents that had been secreted out of the AMA and delivered to Dr Louis Sportelli in a plain manila envelope full of over a ream of explosive documents."

"They said the documents were forgeries.  Then when McAndrews found copies of the documents in doctor’s offices out “in the boonies”, they said they had them but a cleaning crew had lost them."

"Lies, lies, lies.  It’s a heck of a story.  Sadly, one that the public has never heard. Ask your patients, they’ll stare at you slack-jawed, without a clue what you’re talking about.  Imagine the awareness in the 95% of the public that doesn’t see a chiropractor."

"You deal with this every day. Imagine how many people start on drugs or have surgery without ever visiting a chiropractor first, because they have no idea you can help."

"You see, it’s not about you. You’ve been wronged, no question. But the real victim is my 33 year old friend, a builder who is addicted to pain killers after 3 failed back surgeries. His life, as he knew it, is over and he never even thought of consulting a chiropractor.  They did their job in the 60’s and 70’s, they’re still doing it today.  They didn’t fail."

"We took a swing at them with “Doctored”. And now 3 years have gone by since we started that project and its time to do a retrospective, to do an accounting, to total the score. We distributed 200,000 DVDs.  We had 1,400 people support the Kickstarter campaign.  We had screenings all over the country.  Hundreds of chiropractors had screenings and events and brought in 1000’s of new patients. And it didn’t change anything.  It’s just too small, too tiny to move the needle."

"Well, I’m headed back in to take another swing at it."

"In distributing the film Bought, we worked with the producers of the film called Thrive. Thrive has been downloaded over 25 million times! We’re going to use their model and try to recreate the same outcome. We’ve got 200,000 DVDs out there, we should be able to get several million views of Undoctored.   Imagine… what does the world look like after millions of people, of patients, have seen Undoctored? 

The whole story is right here:  www.supportchiromovie.com