Dr. Lipoff – Ms. America – Visits Children at Johns Hopkins
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 04:58 PM

The current Ms. America, Dr. Stephanie Foisy Mills, was on Solomons Island for the Mrs. World competition recently. She is also a successful chiropractic doctor in New Hampshire.

She has been speaking across the country about the severity of concussion injuries: symptoms to be looking for after the initial collision and the role chiropractic has in helping relieve headaches and correcting skeletal problems that could go undetected and linger.

The Foundation 4 Heroes contacted her regarding joining them for a visit to Johns Hopkins Children Center and the amazing people there. She eagerly accepted the opportunity. The kids were hanging out upstairs when they arrived and Thor, Wonder Woman, Hulk Hogan and Ms. America went to them and their parents.

Every little bit of conversation, encouragement and support is really helpful to everyone involved. Even staff appreciate a little light-heartedness in their hectic days. Our visits are just to give them a little inspiration and even a hug.

Some of the superheroes had to go through some tough units and clearly it took its toll on them mentally but these little sacrifices are nothing compared to what the children are experiencing. And that’s why the Foundation 4 Heroes does this.

After our stay, Ms. America was kind enough to take some photos with the Foundation 4 Heroes. She was very supportive of the work the Foundation is doing.  The two will team up again in Columbus for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Fitness Expo.

Source:  http://www.thebaynet.com/articles/1114/dr-lipoff-ms-america-takes-some-time-to-visit-children-at-johns-hopkins.html