Standard Process Inc. Distinguishes itself as an Exemplary Environmental Citizen
Monday, October 27, 2014 12:28 PM

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary Cathy Stepp and other DNR officials visited Standard Process Inc. yesterday to recognize the supplement manufacturer as a new member of the state’s Green Tier program. The Green Tier program recognizes companies that distinguish themselves as environmental innovators and demonstrate a strong environmental compliance record.

“Standard Process’ core values focus on the care of people, animals and the land,” said Stepp. “Those values along with their commitment to exceed compliance standards make them an ideal fit for Wisconsin’s Green Tier program.”

Using environmentally safe manufacturing, farming and business practices is a core value for nutritional supplement manufacturer Standard Process. Standard Process credits its founder, Dr. Royal Lee, for the company’s whole food philosophy, which fits naturally with being a good steward of the land.

"Standard Process is dedicated to using environmentally friendly manufacturing and business practices, as well as farming organically, to help preserve the planet and lessen our environmental footprint,” said Rick Goetz, Standard Process engineering and environmental manager. “Being accepted into the state’s Green Tier program is recognition of our past, present and future commitment to superior environmental performance as a manufacturer.”

As Standard Process moves forward as a member of the Green Tier program, it will continue its long tradition of commitment to the environment by focusing on:

  • continuing compliance with all applicable rules and regulations,
  • implementing a formal environmental management system,
  • expanding beneficial reuse, waste reduction and recycling efforts,
  • continuing organic farming practices, and
  • identifying and implementing opportunities for additional energy conservation/reduction measures.

Currently there are 82 Tier 1 participants in the Green Tier program. To qualify for Tier 1 of the program, companies must have a clean environmental compliance record with no recent civil or criminal judgments or DNR citations; a commitment to a formal environmental management system, annual performance reviews with results submitted to the DNR; and prompt follow-up action to any non-compliance findings during annual reviews.

Standard Process grows ingredients for use in its nutritional supplements on the company’s own certified organic farmland. The company’s farmland and 286,000 square foot manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are located in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Standard Process is celebrating 85 years in business this year. The company is in its third generation of family ownership and employs more than 325 people.