Social Media Posts for National Chiropractic Health Month
Thursday, October 02, 2014 03:21 PM

The American Chiropractic Association has offered someTwitter and Facebook Posts that you may use to spread the word about National Chiropractic Health Month.

Post these sample social media messages this October--or create your own! Link people back to your clinic’s website or the official NCHM public site, You can also promote NCHM by using the NCHM social media profile logo as your profile picture for the month of October and posting the “Why Choose Conservative Care First?” video, both of which you’ll find at


Conservative care 1st! It’s safe & costs less + research shows chiropractic is effective 4 acute & chronic musculoskeletal pain. #NCHM2014

Why try conservative care first? Painkillers simply mask pain, they don’t cure it, chiropractic finds the source of the pain. #NCHM2014

@CDCgov says opioid pain meds cause nearly 3 out of 4 prescription drug overdoses in the U.S. Why risk it—conservative care first! #NCHM2014

@MedicareGov says many spinal fusion surgeries are unnecessary. Many back problems are better treated w/ conservative care first! #NCHM2014

Chiropractic docs offer non-invasive care after completing 4-year doctoral graduate programs, so choose conservative care first! #NCHM2014


Conservative care is safe and can save money. It’s also been proven effective. High-quality research has found non-invasive and nonpharmacologic chiropractic services to be one of the more effective therapies for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. This National Chiropractic Health Month, choose conservative care first!

Did you know that prescription painkillers simply mask pain, they don’t cure it? Patients also risk abuse when taking opioids, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say cause nearly three out of four prescription drug overdoses in the country. In honor of National Chiropractic Health Month, don’t risk it. Choose conservative care first!

Medicare is calling many of today’s spinal fusion surgeries (the permanent joining of two or more spinal vertebrae) “unnecessary.” Common low-back problems, such as stenosis, herniated discs, and disc degeneration are usually better addressed with less invasive treatment. This National Chiropractic Health Month, choose conservative care first!

“Chiropractic services” refers to manual manipulation and other non-invasive therapies that promote healing. Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) are educated in nationally accredited, four-year doctoral graduate school programs, with the average chiropractic program equivalent in classroom hours to medical programs. So this National Chiropractic Health Month, talk to a DC about choosing conservative care first!

This National Chiropractic Health Month consider that many health care professionals recognize the value of conservative, chiropractic treatment for back pain. In fact, a 2013 article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggested chiropractic for low-back pain. Surgery was mentioned as an option only if all else fails. So remember—conservative care first!