Chiropractic Research this Week
Written by Craig Benton, DC   
Friday, September 19, 2014 12:23 PM

This study in the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrated the spinal manipulation and home exercise improved back related leg pain after 12 weeks of care.  Chiropractic research published in a journal owned by the AMA.  Very interesting.

In this study patients were more satisfied with manual therapy (spinal manipulation) than medication for acute and subacute neck pain:

Functional Capacity Exam can not predict future work capacity in patients with Whiplash.  Outcome assessments are better at predicted future work capacity.

Manual therapy, exercise, and education are beneficial to patients with whiplash associated disorders

This one says that patients with Whiplash Associated Disorders doing a FCE and outcome assessment can predict future disability

This study  shows that deep abdominal muscles and lumbar paraspinal muscles are codependent and require equal tension to remain healthy and supportive.

Specific neck exercises help patients with chronic whiplash.

This study showed manipulation of C1/C2 and soft tissue therapy of subocciptial muscles improved tension type headaches.

Vitamin increases muscle strength

This study shows that there was virtually no difference in non operative and operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation over 8 years

Some manual therapies are more cost effective than general practioner care for musculoskeletal conditions.

This study shows that chiropractors and MDs don’t have good communication when it comes to continuing education

Chiropractic students faired almost as well as MD students in a Primary care setting

Medical and Chiropractic Education are more similar than dissimilar in this 1998 study