TCA’s Premium, Elite Membership – A Great CE Option (and Value)
Written by Jeff Jenkins   
Monday, February 19, 2018 09:21 AM
Still planning out your CE hours for the year? The Texas Chiropractic Association has three great choices for you – and an opportunity to save money off your registration fees while supporting chiropractic in Texas.
Whether you’re a TCA member or not, consider upgrading to the Premium or Elite membership. The Premium membership includes the price of a conference registration in your membership fee, while the Elite membership is your all-access pass to all three TCA conferences.
Both are an excellent value. The Premium membership is $800/year, while the Elite membership is $1,100/year, but you have the option of paying your dues quarterly. In either case, you’ll save at least $100 and a portion of your membership fees go to the Chiropractic Development Initiative (CDI).
When you become a Premium or Elite member, you can choose from the following TCA conferences:
1)      Mid-Winter ConferenceMarch 9-11, Overton Hotel & Conference, Lubbock. Mid-Winter is an annual tradition for Panhandle and West Texas chiropractors, but this year’s lineup might be the deepest in years. Chiropractic advocate Dan Sullivan leads the way along with Drs. Robert Fenell, Eric Kaplan, Kurt Juergens and Larry Montgomery. In addition, Keith Pendleton will share important legal updates on personal injury that could potentially impact chiropractic.
2)      Texas Sports Chiropractic ConferenceApril 6-8, Texas Chiropractic College, Pasadena. As any Texan will admit, sports is HUGE in the Lone Star State. There’s no other event in the state dedicated solely to the business of sports chiropractic like this conference and, if you treat high school, college, professional or recreational athletes, you need to be there. Dr. Tom Hyde, considered the godfather of sports chiropractic, is joined by nationally recognized speakers like Drs. Rhiannon Dickison, Ron Grabowski, Jake Harden, Jennifer Illes, Ti Pence, Rob Silverman and TCC’s own Dr. Todd Riddle, who is currently working with the Nigerian team at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
3)      Chiro Texpo ’18June 8-10, Hyatt Regency Dallas, Dallas. Don’t miss TCA’s annual convention! We’ve got an incredible program planned, with Drs. Tony Ebel, Kristina Petrucco-Napuli, CJ Mertz, Dan Rowe and Dan Sullivan just a few of the confirmed speakers. Stay tuned for details on the new Texas Women’s Chiropractic Summit featuring Dr. Danielle Eaton, a must for any female chiropractor.
When you become a TCA Premium or Elite member, there’s no need to register for conference. Simply identify your events on the Premium membership application or the Elite membership application. Or, contact the TCA office at or call us at (512) 477-9292.
TCA thanks the following Premium and Elite Members:
Chad Carpenter, DC
Chris Dalrymple, DC
Tyce Hergert, DC
Cheng Hua Lee, DC
Joseph Lones, DC
Kevin McAlpin, DC
Shawn McHone, DC
Hollen Meyer, DC
Devin Pettiet, DC
Kimberly Pinson-Erb, DC
Paul Raymond, DC
Jeremy Raef, DC
Randall Schulze, DC
Steve Van Osdale, DC
Max Vige, DC
Debra White, DC
Todd Whitehead, DC
Jack Albracht, DC
Ryan Bailey, DC
Jeff Brown, DC
Paul Burow, DC
Karen Campion, DC
Jesus Castaneda, DC
Jason Clemmons, DC
Jeff Cunningham, DC
Robert Ehle, DC
Samantha Favreau, DC
Jennifer Gardner, DC
Paul Grindstaff, DC
Scott Harris, DC
Paul Heikkinen, DC
Jason Helton, DC
Michael Henry, DC
Lindsey Johnson, DC
David Kling, DC
Korey Kothmann, DC
William Eric Lewis, DC
David Long
James Lundin, DC
Frank Means, DC
Brian Mulhall, DC
Tyson Neill, DC
Jahid Niaz, DC
Alayna Pagnani, DC
Elias Pasol, DC
Mary Perry, DC
Nathaniel Pochucha, DC
Mike Ponce, DC
Oscar Presas, DC
Khris Raef, DC
Joseph Randell, DC
Tim Runnels, DC
Kelly Ryder, DC
Dominic Scaramozi, DC
Shon Scott, DC
Regan Schulze, DC
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Kirtland Speaks, DC
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