TBCE Disciplinary Actions and Statistics
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Friday, September 22, 2017 04:51 PM

In the September issue of the Texas Chiropractic Board Report the following statistics are reported.


  • A surrender of a license; violationsexual misconduct.
  • A temporary suspension of license with a requirement to pass jurisprudence examination and pay $1000; violationpracticing outside of scope (IV therapy).
  • Pay $2000 and pass EBAS (Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services); violationunprofessional conduct.
  • Pay $1500 and require staff office training for documentation and billing record keeping; violationinefficient practice.
  • Pay $1000 and pass EBAS; violationunprofessional conduct/sexual misconduct.
  • Pay $1000; violationdeceptive or misleading advertising.
  • Pay $1000 and pass jurisprudence exam; violationexpired license.
  • Pay $500 violationover treating and over charging.
  • Pay $500; violation: unregistered facility.
  • Pay $250; violationexpired license.
  • Pay $250; violationfailure to notify of change of address.
  • Pass jurisprudence exam and EBAS; violationfailure to report a criminal conviction.
  • Pass jurisprudence exam; violationunregistered facility.
  • Two were issued cease and desist orders and required to pass jurisprudence exam; violationexpired license.
  • One was issued a cease and desist order; violationan unregistered facility.
  • Two were issued cease and desist orders; violationexpired license.
  • Two were issued cease and desist orders; violationnot having a chiropractic license.
  • One was issued a letter of reprimand; violationan expired facility registration.


  • There were 5501 actively licensed DCs
  • There were 123 CE-conditionally licensed DCs
  • There were 301 expired licenses, 661 inactive licenses, and 2695 non-renewable licenses.
  • There were 15 probated licensees and 4 suspended licenses.
  • There were 69 actively registered radiologic technologists and 36 with expired registrations.


  • 186 complaints were received from 9-1-16 to 7-31-17
  • 219 complains were closed requiring an average of 195 days to close a complaint.
  • 50 were closed with orders
  • 296 complaints for expired licenses were opened.

  • 260 of these complaints were closed, requiring an average of 42 days to close a complaint.
  • 27 of these were closed with orders and 125 were closed with a letter of education.
The top three closed complaints by violation type were
  1. Lack of diligence (approximately 14% of total complaints)

  2. Fraud (approximately 8% of total complaints)

  3. Deceptive advertising (approximately 8% of total complaints)

Source:  September 2017 Texas Chiropractic Board Report