ACA Volunteer Opportunities
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Thursday, September 07, 2017 05:16 PM

The ACA offers membership opportunities to serve in a volunteer leadership role on its board of governors, various committees, task forces and advisory boards, as well appointments to outside organizations. 

ACA has implemented a web based self referral system.  Applicants must submit their application electronically through the virtual volunteer nomination application center. 

Select the Download Instructions button for detailed instructions on how to submit your application. Or, to begin the submission process immediately, select the Submit Nomination button.

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ACA members are encouraged to submit a nomination application for a position on the organization’s various committees, task forces and advisory boards.

A committee performs or focuses on a function that requires ongoing attention on behalf of the larger group and often must limit their size to assure it operates efficiently. Responsibilities include a time commitment to committee meetings and/or conference calls usually 8-10 times per year as well as emails and specific assignments.

A task force addresses a specialized task for a short period and then disbands. Work is usually conducted by email and conference calls. Members undertake assignments on a short-term basis and is completed once the specific responsibilities delegated to them are achieved.

An advisory board provides advise or support on a narrowly-defined strategic goal or objective. Members use their unique experiences and professional expertise to assess a project or other organizational initiatives and provides feedback. Work is conducted by email and/or conference calls. Time commitments for these activities is generally minimal, and a committee or staff member would contact you when your expertise or assistance is needed.

ACA's president appoints the chair and members of all ACA committees, task forces and advisory boards.

ACA collaborates with a wide range of outside organizations and agencies and seeks experienced volunteers who are interested representing the organization. ACA's President appoints a designee to represent ACA and time commitments vary for each group. 

Appointments are subject to approval of the Board of Governors.