TBCE, Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks
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Friday, July 21, 2017 01:57 PM

Some are confused about the issue of criminal background checks and the use of fingerprinting by the TBCE.  This requirement is now law and it is something that the state government is generally moving towards.  Rather than have agencies sit in judgement regarding “moral turpitude” and other character issues, the state is working to rely upon criminal history to objectively identify the qualification of an individual for various governmental privileges.  TBCE is now no exception.

The TBCE has, and will, provide specific instructions to its licensees when your renewal is due.  What follows is a simple description.  You are urged to read the original TBCE documents to ensure that YOU renew YOUR license correctly.  

Here is a link to TBCE’s New Requirement for License Renewal.  The TBCE has also provided  specific instructions for the fingerprinting process.  Do not rely only upon the following brief explanation, read the documents for yourself and correctly renew your license.

Here is a brief summary of TBCE’s documents:

  • Texas law now requires that TBCE, and other licensing agencies, conduct criminal background checks on all of its licensees, not just those since 2004 or the newly licensed.  Those licensed prior to 2004 will also now have to undergo a criminal background check and have their fingerprints processed. Presumably those licensed after 2004 have already completed this step as part of their licensure.

  • This criminal background check must be completed before your renew your license, or no later than 90 days after you renew your license.

  • A CHL or a background check for another agency is not acceptable and you CANNOT use it to meet this requirement.  A background check under the TBCE’s specific authorization number is required.

  • Payment of a $37.00 fee is required to process the background check.

  • Texas licensees can schedule an appointment via internet to be electronically fingerprinted by going to https://uenroll.identogo.com/servicecode/11G613. This service is provided by MorphoTrust USA at one of their ldentoGo enrollment centers.  Complete the required form, schedule your appointment and bring the required identification and fee to the enrollment center and in 10 minutes its done.  

  • Fingerprints provided for this application shall be used to check criminal history records of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • You may schedule an appointment by telephone at (888) 467-2080 using the service code 11G613 as the TBCE identifier.

  • Please note that MorphoTrust accepts Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express, business checks, money orders and coupon codes (employer accounts) at the time of service.  Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

  • Your fingerprints will be submitted electronically to DPS and the FBI.  At the conclusion of your appointment, the MorphoTrust enrollment agent will provide you with an ldentoGo receipt stating that you were fingerprinted.  KEEP THIS RECEIPT!  You may check status on your submission by going to https://uenroll.identogo.com/servicecode/11G613 and then click “Check Status.”

  • By completing the waiver for the background check you are authorizing 

the Texas Department of Public Safety to submit my fingerprints and other application information to the FBI for the purpose of comparing the submitted information to available records in order to identify other information that may be pertinent to the application. [You] authorize the FBI to disclose potentially pertinent information to the DPS during the processing of this application and for as long hereafter as may be relevant to the activity for which this application is being submitted. I understand that the FBI may also retain my fingerprints and other applicant information in the FBI’s permanent collection of fingerprints and related information, where all such data will be subject to comparisons against other submissions received by the FBI and to further disseminations by the FBI as may be authorized under the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a). I understand my fingerprints will be searched by and against civil, criminal and latent fingerprints in the Next Generation Identification (NGI) system.”

  • Out-of-state applicants must follow the process noted here to submit ink fingerprint cards.