Health, There Is a Cause
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Monday, May 30, 2016 12:00 AM

Attributed to:  Harvey Watkins D.C.

One of Texas’ chiropractic pioneers, Dr. Harvey Watkins was the youngest Doctor of Chiropractic in Texas when he graduated Texas Chiropractic College in 1921 and the oldest DC in Texas when he passed away in 2006 near the age of 102. This article is an excerpt from several articles that he wrote over the years and provides a perspective of health from a very early Texas chiropractic practitioner.


Once upon a time we cured our patients.  When we told the Medical doctor such they would get mad.  Their view was that we cured no one.  All anyone could do was treat conditions.  So far as they knew, disease came from outside the body to attack it. This external disease was responsible for all pain and discomfort.

You see, none of them had taken the same philosophy class that I had 98 years ago* and learned the facts of life.  The instructor of this class, an old man of about 50 or more, came out to teach his class of 75 students sitting in front of him.  He looked us over for four or five seconds as if we smelled bad, and then he raised his right hand with his forefinger pointing up and thundered out ”THINK! Nothing just happens.  There is a cause for everything – so THINK!”  He then walked off and left us there to think for the rest of the hour.

As the years have gone by the importance of what that instructor told us has continued to take on more importance.  I understand why the MD says you can’t cure any disease.  It’s because he thinks it’s coming from outside the body.  I learned through my chiropractic philosophy, however, that the body is still in control – when given a chance.  

It seems as if we have forgotten that the body started out with just an ovum and a sperm that joined together, became one, and began to divide and continued division to slowly form a small pin-like formation from which  branches called nerves begin to form and extend out – the spine of the fetus.  It should be well remembered that the development of any organ or part of the body can occur only if the nerve supply is there first.  This means the nerve supply develops the part, controls its function, and maintains its well being.  Most of the nerves that control the organs of the body come from the spine.  The spine is made up of highly mobile bones which are put under all manner of stress throughout the entirety of life and are given little attention.

For more than sixty years I adjusted spines for here is where I found most of the nerve interference.  About twenty years after I started practice I got lazy.  I put in my practice nearly every modality available at that time.  I advertised extensively and tried to make a lot of money.  I had forgotten to be a chiropractor, for a chiropractor is a healer, not merely a health salesman who treats symptoms for a price.

I have to admit that I got lazy and tried to get away from hard work.  To be a good chiropractor is hard work, but I am proud of the philosophy that taught me that the cause of disease was nerve interference.  I came to realize that the machines were getting credit for any improvement that patients were experiencing. In the patient’s eyes what I was doing was unimportant enough to overlook. 

After realizing what I was doing to my profession, I took all the modalities out to the barn and returned to the practice of relieving the cause of disease.  I began to spend more time explaining the principals of chiropractic to my patients.  I stopped advertising and, on the strength of now having better informed patients, had just about all the work I could take care of.

I am slowly, but surely, approaching birthday number 95.**  In this time I have spent more than 84 of these years in the chiropractic experience.  You can see why it means so much to me.  Please don’t forget that you are the representative of the greatest healing agent in the world and that you are responsible for keeping it.  THINK!  Nothing just happens.  There is a cause for everything!

* Dated from 2016

** Written 1999