Tip of the Week: The Power of Referrals
Written by Lori Allen   
Thursday, May 19, 2016 09:16 AM

The most inexpensive, reliable way to increase your new patients is to get referrals from your current patients. It starts by just asking!  Many of your patients would happily refer friends and family members to your practice if the suggestion were made. The basis of a patient referral program is the organization of a conscious effort asking and encouraging patients to refer others.

Remember – the newness of the program and your excitement level will make the difference between an excellent referral program and an average one. 

The important thing when asking for referrals is to use wording that is not only tactful but also natural to you.  If you are comfortable saying it, then you will appear genuine and will get better results in return.  If you commit a script to memory that does not match your personality, your patients will sense when you switch into autopilot and begin mechanically talking.  

Look for opportunities to engage your patients and ask for referrals.  These opportunities happen every day, for instance, when a patient says thank you for helping them on the path to wells, or when you are reviewing progress with the patient.  Always make the patient feel special, for example you would say: “I would love to have more patients like you!”

Create and follow a natural, conversational script and identify opportunities to ask for referrals. A thank you note should be sent to anyone who refers a possible new patient. 

Get started today!

  • Create a program that is exciting and unique to your office.
  • Use natural, conversational scripting to genuinely invite the patient to refer friends or family.
  • Use a voucher for the patient to pass along to newly referred patients.
  • Make sure that there are visual reminders of your program posted throughout your office.  
  • Send a thank you letter to all patients who have referred people to your practice.  


Lori W. Allen founded Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Profitable Practice Strategies in 1995. As president of PPS, Allen shares her leadership experience in practice management and profitability consulting to healthcare industry professionals. She has consulted with more than 200 practices and taught seminars throughout the United States. Allen is a featured speaker at TCA's Chiro Texpo '16 on June 10-12 at the Arlington Convention Center. She will present two sessions, The Efficient, Effective and Profitable Front Desk for chiropractic assistants and office staff and Six Components to Maximizing Success in Your Practice and Assuring a Positive Patient Outcome for DCs. PPS is a TCA Bronze Sponsor. For more details, visit loriwallen.com.