Why Can’t We Just Forget About Medicine and Just Do Our Own Thing? Diagnosis
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:00 AM

For those who promote “Let’s forget organized medicine and just do our own thing,” what will you do about those who espouse the following policies?

Comment:  The AMA states that the diagnosis of disease and diagnostic interpretation is the practice of medicine. 

Who will defend chiropractic when they claim that you can neither diagnose nor interpret diagnostic tests as they already have done in TMA v. TBCE No. 1, TMA v. TBCE No 2, and TAAOM v. TBCE since 2005.  What makes you think that they will cease suing the chiropractic profession when they have regularly been doing so since 1906 and have made it their policy to sue to maintain their monopoly?

Excerpt:  It is AMA policy that the diagnosis of disease and diagnostic interpretation of a study or studies for a specific patient constitutes the practice of medicine.

 – Allied Health ProfessionsDiagnosis of Disease and Diagnostic Interpretation of Tests Constitutes Practice of Medicine to be Performed by or Under the Supervision of Licensed Physicians, American Medical Association Policy H-35.971

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This is a weekly series excerpting from the American Medical Associations own published policies regarding “non-physicians”.  It will take nearly a year to complete.