Why Can’t We Just Forget About Medicine and Just Do Our Own Thing? No Growth
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016 12:00 AM

For those who promote “Let’s forget organized medicine and just do our own thing,” what will you do about those who espouse the following policies?

Comment:  Organized medicine states that they will oppose inappropriate scope of practice expansion of non-physician providers.  In their eyes any expansion of a non-physician provider is inappropriate.  

Will you work to keep what chiropractic pioneers earned for you or will you allow organized medicine to take it away from you and prevent you from growth.  

Where there is no growth there is no life.  Environments devoid of change are devoid of life.

ExcerptAMA [will] oppose legislative mandates on health care plans that may lead to inappropriate scope of practice expansion of non-physician providers.

– Allied Health Professions – Scope of Practice Participants in Health Plans, American Medical Association Policy D-35.994



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This is a weekly series excerpting from the American Medical Associations own published policies regarding “non-physicians”.  It will take nearly a year to complete.