TBCE: Meeting Summary
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Monday, October 19, 2015 12:00 AM

A regular meeting of the TBCE was held August 20, 2015, in Austin. The following is a summary of Board actions taken during this meeting.

The Board voted to adopt amendments to the following rules:

 Rule 75.5 – permitting more continuing education hours to be available through online mechanisms

 Rule 75.6 – changing the status for failure to meeting CE requirements to “Continuing Education Conditional”

 Rule 77.9 – made an exception in documentation filing requirements for licensees offering certain pro bono services

 Rule 78.6 – establishes a fee for webinars offered by the Board to new licensees The Board voted to propose amendments to the following rules:

 Rule 71.2(b) – changing the last sentence to read “The petition shall contain the following information as applicable and except as may be waived by the Executive Director or designee. . .”

 Rule 72.2 – modified to add subsection (g) reading “Applicants seeking licensure may be refused admission to the practice of chiropractic for certain prohibited acts in accordance with Chiropractic Act, Occupations Code § 201.502.”

 Rule 78.8 – deleting subsection (g)(1)(C), dealing with certain hearings associated with temporary emergency suspensions of licenses

 Rule 78.13(a) – changing the word “section” to “chapter” to make clear the definitions contained in Section 78.13 apply to the entirety of Chapter 78

The Board voted to propose the following new rules:

 Rule 80.1 – Dual Office Holding

 Rule 80.2 – Merit Selection Principles

 Rule 80.3 – Sick Leave Pool

 Rule 80.4 – Private Donors

 Rule 80.5 – Contract Monitoring

The Board voted to accept fourteen (14) Agreed Final Orders, one (1) Board Order, one (1) Statutory Revocation Final Order, and ten (10) Cease and Desist Orders.

The Board voted to approve one (1) request to expunge disciplinary action and deny three (3) requests to expunge disciplinary action (for failure to meet expungement criteria).

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