ICD-10 Tip
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Thursday, October 22, 2015 12:00 AM

The ICD-9 code set was implemented in 1979 and is considered outdated and obsolete due to numerous changes and discoveries in healthcare. 

As of Oct 1, 2015 thousands of DCs in the United States reported their first set of ICD-10 codes. You may be wishing that you could have avoided this "moment in history," but with time and practice you will soon know the ICD-10 codes just as you did the ICD-9 codes.

As you take on this challenge, remember to start with what you know - the ICD-9 code. Until you are familiar with the different Chapters, code options and Instructional Notes you may want to continue to code your cases in ICD-9 first and then follow the 5 simple steps to coding, outlined in ACA's ICD-10 Coding for the Chiropractic Clinic on demand webinar. We have listed them below for your consideration:

  1. Find the equivalent ICD-10 code (GEMs)

  1. Look up the chapter that houses the GEMs code(s) in an ICD-10 coding manual and read any Instructional Notes under the Chapter heading.

  2. Find the base category code and read any Instructional Notes under the base category subheading.

  3. Look up all GEMS in the Tabular List that you found in step 1 and read how each code is described.

  4. Compare the description of the code to the patient's condition as documented in the objective findings and assessment and choose the final ICD-10 code.

Source:  American Chiropractic Association