Written by Chris Dalrymple, DC   
Sunday, August 16, 2015 10:28 PM

May 10, 1891 – James Riddle Drain born May 10, in Kendrick, Idaho.  He will become president of TCC and future Keeler Plaque recipient. 

June 1891 – Willard Carver graduates law school from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  He practices law for 13 years until 1904. "...he at first planned to become a doctor of medicine but gave it up after extensive study convinced him it was too inexact to be scientific."

August 15, 1891 – Rudy George Warner, D.C. born August 15, 1891 in Stanton, Stanton County, Nebraska. He is a future Keeler Plaque recipient. 

August 19, 1891 – Joe E. Busby, D.C. born in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, August 19, 1891.  He is a future Keeler Plaque recipient. 

October 1891 – The University of Texas Medical Branch medical school began instruction in October 1891. The Ashbel Smith building, called “Old Red”, was where Galveston’s Medical School was established in 1891.  Because standards were high and students poorly prepared, only twelve of the first group of twenty-two medical students eventually graduated.  

April 30, 1892 – Dr. Charles C. Lemly was born in Texarkana, Texas.  Among the first chiropractic physicians in the State of Texas, Dr. Lemly held the distinction of having the most legal cases (66) filed against him by the medical profession and was tried more times in the courts than any other chiropractor, in one case serving a jail sentence for violation of the Texas Medical Practice Act.  He will receive the Keeler Plaque in 1959.