Nuts, Seeds, and Beans are Good Steps
Saturday, March 14, 2015 11:16 AM

A plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy plant oils can help men stay healthy and ward off heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic conditions. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables is a no-brainer for adopting a plant-based diet, but be sure not to neglect nuts and seeds along with beans and other legumes, recommends the December 2014 Harvard Men's Health Watch

Choosing the right portions is important, too. Nuts and seeds are rich in vegetable oils, which pack nine calories per gram. That means eating too many nuts and seeds in a day can deliver an overload of calories, but it doesn't pay to obsess over exact portions. 

Add nuts, seeds, beans, and other legumes gradually while moving toward a more plant-based dietary pattern. One way is to add them into foods or meals you already enjoy and know how to cook.  To get the full benefit of a plant-based diet, substitute plant-based proteins for red and processed meat.