Foot Levelers Education Division, Growing Again
Friday, January 30, 2015 10:36 PM

As it has for its first sixty-two years of existence, Foot Levelers is taking a leading role in the growth of the chiropractic professional on the international stage. Understanding the momentum chiropractic is gaining internationally, Foot Levelers is proud to announce Vice President of International Business Geoff Miller is assuming new responsibilities within the Education Division, a small part of an aggressive five-year strategic plan to promote the growth and prosperity of Chiropractic.

In his new role, Miller assumes responsibility for Foot Levelers relationships with the seventeen U.S. and twenty-seven International Chiropractic colleges. Working closely with faculty and staff at each one of these institutions, Miller will share the latest information in clinical and biomechanics research.  Designed to help prepare the Chiropractic student succeed in practice, the Foot Levelers Educational Division strategically works along side of Chiropractic colleges educationally, clinically, and financially.

Foot Levelers Chairman and CEO Kent S. Greenawalt on the growth chiropractic is seeing internationally, "We recognize just how much Chiropractic is growing outside of North America--it's our goal to provide unyielding support, just as we have for the last 62 years.”

In addition to Miller's new responsibilities, Dawn Galbraith has also been appointed as Director of The Biomechanics Institute. The Biomechanics Institute, a newly founded advanced educational center, is focused on clinical biomechanics and achieving superior clinical outcomes.

Under Galbraith's direction, the Biomechanics Institute will bring education to Chiropractic through on-site accredited seminars, workshops, distance learning, online learning, course templates, and other tools aimed at enhancing the Chiropractic professional’s knowledge base. Partnerships with Chiropractic colleges and universities help enhance the total learning experience.

"When we're running at full speed, the Biomechanics Institute is going to be a great addition to the outstanding education our colleges are providing," notes Galbraith. "From starting a practice to treating common Chiropractic problems, billing insurance to gait analysis, are goal is to provide world class biomechanics education to the world."

Foot Levelers, Inc., the world’s exclusive provider of individually designed functional orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for over 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or play. 

Foot Levelers Chairman and CEO Kent S. Greenawalt has announced the resignation of Vice President of Education Dr. Mark Zeigler, effective January 16th. Dr. Zeigler, who has been the driving force in Foot Levelers' educational presence over the last two years, has been appointed the President of Activator Methods International. 

"This is surely a bittersweet moment for me and the Foot Levelers family," said Greenawalt. "When I approached Mark about joining our team a couple of years ago, I knew his years of experience in practice and as a college President would be invaluable. I'm sorry to see him go, but so very excited about the new opportunity that awaits him."

In his tenure with Foot Levelers, Dr. Zeigler strengthened existing relationships with educational institutions within the Chiropractic profession.

His keen ability to connect on a personal level, combined with his understanding of the clinical and business aspects of Chiropractic, have been instrumental to the growth of the Foot Levelers brand as well as the knowledge base of the greater Chiropractic community.

Foot Levelers and Activator Methods work in conjunction to help grow the Chiropractic profession world-wide. For the past sixty-two years, Foot Levelers has been providing support to the profession educationally, clinically, and financially. By Dr. Zeigler assuming the leadership role with Activator Methods that support will only grow in the future.